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Lithuanian Regional Research Institute
Donelaicio 60, LT-3000 Kaunas,
Tel./fax: (370 37) 423251, 423725 

Lithuanian Regional Research Institute

The key objective of the Lithuanian Regional Research Institute - to implement and maintain the policy of sustainable, social, economic and territorial development in Lithuania by scientific, methodological and practical activities.

Encouraged by the expanding national and international relations and increasing scopes of works, a team of researchers established the Lithuanian Regional Research Institute. Regional Development Center of Kaunas University of Technology prepared conditions for its foundation. The scientific researches conducted according to the governmental programs, the programs of regional, city/district development and other research studies performed along with the significant contribution in international projects evolved into serious potential for the Lithuanian Regional Research Institute to take over and further expand the functions and works of Regional Development Center. The Lithuanian Regional Research Institute is a non-profit public institution founded on July 19, 2000.

The aims of the Lithuanian Regional Research Institute:

  • Improve the state governing model by uniting various branches of science and researchers;

  • Integrate the activities of regional development institutions for achieving general purposes;

  • Participate in formation and improvement of the long-term Lithuanian regional development conception;

  • Attract foreign investments to the country;

  • Increase degree of information accessible to the public society;

  • Aid the society for the accession the EU.