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 Lithuanian Regional Research Institute
Donelaicio 33 , Lithuania LT-44280
Tel. +370 61255865

Lithuanian Regional Research Institute



The aims of the Lithuanian Regional Research Institute:

·         Improve the state governing model by uniting various branches of science and researchers;

·         Integrate the activities of regional development institutions for achieving general purposes;

·         Participate in formation and improvement of the long-term Lithuanian regional development conception;

·         Increase degree of information accessible to the public society.


The tasks of the Lithuanian Regional Research Institute:

·         Conduct scientific research works in the spheres of social, economic and territorial development;

·         Analyze national social and economic processes, determine the tendencies of development and render related information to the society and governmental authorities;

·         Conduct educational and advisory activities for the development of local initiatives;

·         Initiate local and international projects;

·         Encourage local and international regional cooperation;

·         Research the possibilities of Lithuania to get integrated in global economic and other international structures.


Trends of activities:

·         Preparation of regional, city, and economic branch development programs;

·         Performance of scientific research works;

·         Search for possibilities in attracting funds of Lithuanian and international organizations, enterprises, funds and programs for regional development;

·         Participation in the implementation of the EU regional policy solutions, and regional cooperation and other relevant programs and projects;

·         Collection, analysis, systematization and dissemination of information and experience on regional development in Lithuania and other countries;

·         Coordination of studies on regional development economics and management; organization of seminars, training and qualification advancement; rendering related consultations.