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Long-term strategy of Palanga municipality (strategic development plan) represents a long term planning document, which reflects a vision of the municipality, and is based on political, economic, social and cultural analysis. 

The goal of strategic plan - defines the role and significance of Palanga town in Lithuanian economic and social life, evaluates ever-changing trends of development, analyzes their importance in the municipality policy, forms alternative development perspectives and recommends allocation of national and the EU structural funds. 

Strategic development plan of Palanga town should become the main planning document and integrate the strategies of Palanga town municipality and our country. Therefore, the long-term development plan of the town should determine a long-term development vision, reflecting harmonized long-term development trends of all sectors. 

Upon approval of the strategic development plan, economic entities and institutions would have particular guidelines in preparing strategies and other planning documents for different sectors. Apart from that, every year, when forming and approving budget, the society and Council members would clearly see not only the results of one year but future development perspective of the resort as well. The more clearly is the future perspective described the better understandable and acceptable short-term goals would be. 

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