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Lithuanian Regional Research Institute
Donelaicio 60, LT-3000 Kaunas,
Tel./fax: (370 37) 423251, 423725 

Lithuanian Regional Research Institute

Grant programme: professional training seeking economical and social cohesion.

Library - community public information centre

The project aim is to encourage the formation of information and knowledge society in remote areas, increase the accessibility to information of these residents, create favourable conditions for them to study and develop business. To implement this goal, under this project the employees of Kaunas County public libraries will receive knowledge and skills necessary for working at the public information centre. This will enable librarians to prepare for the computerisation of libraries and to proactively react to the changes in society's demands.

Library employees, having attended these training courses, will start applying acquired skills and knowledge under supervision and consultations of project lecturers during training-courses-seminars. To conduct these seminars there will be equipped a mobile information centre, an Infobus, with 8 computer-aided workplaces. The knowledge and information conveyed during these seminars will aid the most active residents of communities to master modern information and communication means when searching for employment possibilities, will help them to generate new business ideas, encourage life-long-learning and qualification upgrading. Owing to this project there will be established ten public information centres. Their activities will decrease the information disparities of peripheral areas and encourage social-economic development.

As an introductory course for work at the public information centre library employees will take a specialised course in information literacy and economic and management modules, where stress will be laid on the specificity tasks of library activities. The trainees will be granted European Computer Driving Licenses and Certificates. There will be prepared recommendations for further application of the prepared specialised course.

The project is oriented at the library employees and local communities of remote areas of the Kaunas County, which encounter the problems of limited information search and usage possibilities.

The project will be implemented through several stages: introductory project works; training courses to librarians and the activities of a mobile information centre (Infobus); the establishment of public information centres and conclusive seminar-conference; dissemination of information about the project; project activity monitoring and internal evaluation, report preparation.